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What is Standing Seam Cladding?

What do you think when you hear “Colorbond Roofing?”

I bet corrugated iron – which is used on 99% of steel residential roofs – would probably be the first thing that comes to mind.

So you may be surprised to discover that there are more styles of steel roofing than just corrugated iron.

For example, Standing Seam cladding is made from the same steel as your Queenslander’s roof, however it is rolled into a different shape and called “Standing Seam”. It is comprised of a flat sheet with an up-stand on both edges, one that is the underside and one that is the overside, allowing it to lap and make it water tight.

Why is standing seam cladding so popular?

Standing seam cladding has been used around the world and in Australia for many years, in different profiles for a multiple of purposes. It has sky-rocketed in popularity for reasons such as:

  • Desirability of using 100% recyclable materials
  • The depth and character it creates from a design perspective
  • It’s lightweight nature and the fact that it never needs painting, and
  • I hate to say it, but….. it was on “The Block”.

Different types of standing seam cladding

With the increasing popularity, the suppliers are creating more options than ever, for achieving the stiff ribbed steel finish.

I’ll try to make this simple and easy to follow:

Lysaght Zenith Range

Check out these examples of buildings we’ve completed using Lysaght’s Enseam, Imperial and Longline profiles.

Revolution Roofing

Have a look at examples of buildings clad with Revolution Roofing’s Euro Plus and Maxline profiles.


Stratco has the Hiland Tray.

How to get the most impact using standing seam

It’s interesting that when a builder is looking for quotes to clad a building with standing seam, they nearly always ask a roofer for a supply and and install quote.  However, although standing seam cladding is made from the same materials as roofing, it certainly doesn’t behave the same, and this is where inexperienced roofers can have issues.

A lot of care and attention needs to go into the preparation of the walls and roofs prior to the first sheet even being installed.   Here are some key things which need to be considered and done correctly with standing seam cladding:

  • The flashings need to be pre-determined to achieve the most minimalistic appearance, and not detract from the feature that is the cladding, including  concealing almost all the fixings.
  • A two part window flashing system helps achieve the desired architectural look that clients wants when spending high end dollars on these profiles. 
  • Colour selection is also very important.  The darker the colour, the more impact the end result will have.

My favourite standing seam product to install

Maxline by Revolution Roofing is my favourite product.  The whole process from installation to end result is so innovative and visually commanding, it makes us proud to have installed it on a customer’s home. When you combine Colorbond Monument Matt with Maxline Standing Seam…. You get one of the boldest and magnificent looks attainable, as can be seen below on this massive structure in London Road, Chandler.

Thank you for reading this article.  Hope you can see why I love Standing Seam so much. Feel free to contact us directly for more info or to have a chat about your upcoming Colorbond roofing or cladding project.

I’m “Colorbond Kenny”.  You will always do great with Colorbond!

About the author:

“Im Kendrick Myers, Director and License holder of MyCladders. I have passion to help people achieve the best results possible using Metal roofing and cladding. I do this with innovative ideas and solutions that are implemented to deliver some of the most amazing results achievable with Colorbond steel…Without our clients needing to engage an architect. On top of that, My love for design and bespoke creations means I will never sell you an idea or solution that I do not believe in.”