We specialise in steel roofing only.  There are many ways to install and finish metal roofing.  We only do it the right way.  No shortcuts, no quick fixes, no sloppy finishes.

Our motto, that our team lives by, is

“Do it Once, Do it Right”

Yep, you could call us perfectionists, and we’re proud of it.  In fact, we’ve had a number of builders contact us to fixup the shoddy work of others and help them with their QBCC rectification works.

Heck, even other roofers give us compliments.

I’d go as far to say you guys do the neatest work in the game

Scotty Green, Roofer

We’re also very fussy about adhering to safety procedures, complying with all QBCC regulations, and meeting or indeed exceeding Australian Metal Roofing Standards.


Helpful design planning

  • We work closely with you to finalise product and profile selection to achieve the ideal design and finishes for your property.
  • We provide advice on the best way to handle specific requests, and overcome problems like integrating with other materials, collecting rainwater, maximising ventilation, eliminating leaks, etc.

Innovative problem solving

  • We collaborate regularly as a team to solve design, sealing and finishes for tricky angles or integrations.
  • We make sure our solutions provide the best aesthetics, without compromising building codes and drainage performance.
  • We keep the builder and/or the home owner informed of any unforeseen issues and provide solutions to fix them.

Exceptional quality control

  • Our quality control process includes thorough hose testing of every surface, join, seal, gutter and pipe to ensure there are absolutely no leaks.
  • Before finishing up, everything we’ve installed is cleaned, and the site cleared of our rubbish and equipment. The only evidence you have that we have been there - is your beautiful new roof.

When we take on a roofing project, we work closely with you and our partners Lysaght and Revolution Roofing  and Stratco to assist with selecting the most suitable profile.  We organise delivery then swing into action to install your new roof neatly and to manufacturer’s specifications - guaranteed.   Checkout the large range of available profiles and colours.

Lysaght Profiles

LYSAGHT® Roofing & Walling is manufactured from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

Revolution Roofing Profiles

All products made with 100% Australian Colorbond® steel exclusively.

Stratco Profiles

Stratco products are manufactured from COLORBOND® steel and ZINCALUME® steel.

Roof Styles

The metal roof design you choose will depend on how it will look on your property, the effect you are after, your budget, and where you are located.  The Australian Standards have different requirements for metal roofing in inland areas compared to coastal areas.


Hip & Valley roofs

A hipped roof consists of 3 or more planes / angles, and often have large eaves / soffits. Usually the four sides of a hip roof will have the same pitch, making the roof a symmetrical structure. They’re ideal in high wind areas, like and often found in coastal areas.


Gabled roofs

Also known as a pitched or peaked roof, a gable has two roof planes with a centre ridge line. The triangular shape offers considerable interior space, and is often used for attic areas. Gabled roofs are elegant and stylish, and a popular choice for upmarket and traditional older homes.


Flat roofs

As the name suggests, a flat roof is generally low pitched. It is economical, and are often used for apartment complexes or other high rise / commercial buildings. It’s also commonly used on patios, garages and a variety of other architectural applications.


Skillion roofs

The skillion roof has one single flat surface with a steep pitch and is often used on building extensions. Variations include circular or oval-shaped designs, and the butterfly roof. A butterfly roof with two skillions angled down towards the centre is an effective way to collect rainwater.


Curved roofs

Curved roofs feature small curved elements to replace sharp edges, or can be entire, uniformly curved surfaces that run across the span of the roof. Although more expensive than other styles, they hold a lot of aesthetic appeal. Styles include cranked ridge, old gothic, bullnose, curved transition - and 180° double vault.

Capping and Barging

Creating your new roof involves selection of the right finishing touches – capping and barging.

  • Capping refers to the piece we installed to cover joins: a ridge cap is used where two angles meet, and a parapet cap is used on top of a wall.
  • Barging finishes off the edges of your roof to provide a neat seamless look.  They can also be used as a feature, and transition to the soffit.

Ridge cap

The ridge cap provides waterproofing at the apex of two sheets.


Parapet cap

Flashing used to waterproof a wall.



Barge flashing provides waterproofing between the roof and the fascia.

Guttering and Downpipes

Collecting rainwater and ensuring it flows efficiently into tanks or stormwater drains involves designing and fitting the right guttering and downpipe configuration.   Key things we take into consideration:

  • Compliance with Australian Standards and the National Construction Code
  • The roofing design, material, colour, fasteners and sealants
  • Rainfall intensity of the area
  • Roof catchment area
  • Gutter size/capacity and fall
  • Gutter outlets (sumps, rain heads, nozzles)
  • Downpipe size, quantity and placement
  • Overflow consideration
  • Affixing to fascias

Quad guttering

Quad guttering is commonly used in Qld.


Half round gutter

Half round gutter is high capacity and provides good overflow management.


COLORBOND® steel downpipe

COLORBOND® steel downpipe complements COLORBOND® steel cladding.



A rainhead is used as an overflow relief point.


We can also assist with installing roof ventilation to keep your home cooler in our hot summers. Roof ventilation is important for heat extraction, as heat rises and becomes trapped in your roof if there’s no means of escape.

There are three types of roof ventilators.  Choosing the best one for your situation will depend on your roof volume and budget.



Whirlybirds, the cheapest solution, rely on wind & thermal expansion to operate. If there’s no wind, they’re not that effective.


Mechanical ventilators

Mechanical ventilators are electrically operated through solar or mains and can extract large volumes of air per hour.


Hybrid ventilators

Hybrid ventilators are effectively wind/electrical operated, and more economical than the top of the range mechanical option.


We regularly fit skylights for our clients, as they are the perfect way to bring light into dark interiors or windowless rooms.  There are a number of designs and options, depending on the pitch of your roof, and your requirements.  We install to Australian standards and ensure the skylight is thoroughly waterproof.


Pitched Roof Skylights

We install the Velux range of premium skylights. Styles include fixed or manual, solar and electric powered for opening and are suitable for rooves with a pitch between 15 - 90O.


Flat Roof Skylights

Velux also provides a range of fixed, manual or solar power operated skylights specifically designed for flatter roofs, with a pitch between 0 and 60 O.


Sun Tunnel

Sun Tunnels are a dome which brings light into windowless areas such as hallways, walk-in robes, pantries, toilets and other small areas.


Skylight Sheeting

Fibreglass or skylight sheeting is the best solution for bringing natural light into single skin roof spans. Ideal for sheds, factories and patios.