We love working with architectural cladding finishes, and Enseam 265® is certainly in that boat. Watch the informative video below to see why we are raving about Enseam 265®.

Spend four minutes listening to me talk Enseam 265® cladding to see if it’s what you’re after.

Our experience with Enseam 265®

Lysaght Enseam 265® made from Colorbond and installed by MyCladders

MyCladders has installed Enseam 265® on some pretty amazing projects, including house walls and roofs all over South East Queensland.

My favourite project, however, was on a house for a construction company director on the Sunshine Coast. We were able to wow him with the seamless transitions that we achieved, along with perfectly installed walls, without any oil canning.

Poor installations can make Enseam265® appear ripply and unsightly. This happens when the preparation work has not been completed to the framework, and the sheets are installed onto an uneven surface.

When installing around windows and penetrations, it’s critical to have extra framing for support. That way, cuts and flashings don’t add extra pressure to these areas creating the dreaded oil can effect.

A good structural frame is imperative to achieving the results that you expect when specifying Enseam 265®.

Ten facts about Enseam 265®

Here are ten awesome facts about Lysaght’s Enseam 265®:

  1. Made from Colorbond steel with fantastic warranty coverage and available in the complete range of colours
  2. Meets and exceeds all fire-rated areas all over Australia
  3. Once installed, it never needs painting again
  4. Gives beautiful shadow lines that move with the position of the sun, changing its appearance throughout the day
  5. Easily installed onto true core steel framing battens on walls or roofs, or onto plywood with its own vapour/sarking system
  6. Can be installed vertically, horizontally, or diagonally
  7. Roll-formed locally in major cities
  8. Five- to ten-day lead time for delivery
  9. Concealed fixings for that seamless look
  10. Sheet lengths are available up to nine meters

Get in touch with our team of Enseam 265® experts

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