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Ebb and Flow – Beck Street by Lineburg Wang

Dictated by the flood-prone condition of the site, a horizontal datum line defines functional elements of Beck Street, becoming a key element of the design language as well as a response to a specific challenge. With a pragmatic yet refined approach, Lineburg Wang creates a sense of balance throughout the home.

Reminiscent of the traditional Queenslander in certain parts, Beck Street is a modern interpretation of elevated living as a means to live with the environmental conditions of the area. Sitting within a high flooding zone, the main home and habitable areas had to be elevated above a certain level to ensure a reduced impact. The response sees the lower level carve a series of warm brick supporting anchor structures for the home to sit upon, while also providing amenity in their own right. The interconnection of masonry parts on the lower level creates dedicated outdoor space, with its undercover nature making it ideal for use throughout the year. Lineburg Wang combines a crafted warmth together with a soft lightness in working within challenging parameters.