Colorbond Surfmist

Not long ago, I spent some time working on my own home, creating a custom Colorbond feature wall. I documented the whole process from start to finish in the video below. Have a watch and get the details below. Enjoy!

Choosing the material

For my outdoor space, I decided on this stunning custom cladding in Surfmist® Matt®. It’s an extremely versatile colour that looks great with the rest of my home.

This particular cladding offers a similar effect to interlocked panels, but it’s much easier to install, clean, and look after – especially outside where dust and dirt can fast become an issue. You can also use this cladding indoors as a feature wall.

Installing the toe-mould

The first step was cutting the toe-mould to length and installing it onto my timber frame. I wanted to create a sleek, seamless look, so I lined it up perfectly with the wooden support post.

I then used a level to ensure the toe-mould was correctly positioned across the bottom of the wall. Perfect.

Adding the cladding

This cladding has a shadow line built into it that gives it a distinctive look and feel. The gap is about 20mm, so I used a piece of spare decking timber of a similar thickness to replicate that gap all along the bottom of the cladding. The result is a clean and consistent finish.

Putting on the flashings

Now, the final step – putting on my flashings to pull the whole thing together. I added a cap along the top and all the way around the top beam to give it a chunkier look. I also added flashing down the sides on the wall, as I’ll be adding weatherboard on the reverse side to match the rest of my house.

Have an upcoming project?

I was thrilled with the finished result, and it only took me about two and a half hours.

Are you looking to upgrade your property with Colorbond? Have you got a project I could help you with? Get in touch today on 07 3177 3366.

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