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3 ways to Use Colorbond® Roofing as Cladding

Colorbond… as we all know, is an amazing product that is part of the australian home.

So why would you put it on the walls of your home? I say, why wouldn’t you. How often do you need to paint the exterior of your home? I have been in my 5 year old house now for a whole 5 years, believe it or not and already we need to repaint a good portion of our weatherboards and matrix panel. I’m really glad that I am in the industry and have good contacts, otherwise the cost could be up words of $15,000.

I’m glad that a good portion of our 5 years young home is covered in Colorbond Metallic Cladding. After 5 years it looks just as good as the day it went on and I am sure that it will continue to look great for the next 20 years maybe more. See cladding options here

So what have I learned from the construction of my own home that I can pass on to other people considering the use of Colorbond cladding on their new home or renovation? Here are some points that make real sense to me and as someone that is very house proud I believe may be helpful for others in making their final decisions.


Colorbond = not for at least 25 years and realistically upwards of 50 years.

Everything else = aghhh…5 years++++++++


Colorbond = Use warm soapy water just like your car.

Everything else = Pressure cleaner, anti algae agents…just be careful not to take paint off at the same time.


Colorbond = Very minimal to none, maybe check sealants around windows and flashing joints.

Everything else = check all joints and laps for expansion and contraction. check cover strips for lifting. Re-paint newly exposed edges due to movement, Repaint faded paint to protect cladding material integrity. tighten screws and nail punch exposed nails then putty and paint again.

Owning your own home is not a dream that includes a large amount of maintenance, unless you will have staff that can do this for you, thats the minority however. I love spending time with my family and relaxing in my home, there is always gardening to do so having to paint on top of everything else doesn’t seem like fun…that is why i recommend that you cladd your home with colorbond.

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NOTE = How much will it cost to scaffold this building below to re-paint? and yes, if you want to paint Colorbond…you can, though this will void your warranty.

About the author:

“Im Kendrick Myers, Director and License holder of MyCladders. I have passion to help people achieve the best results possible using Metal roofing and cladding. I do this with innovative ideas and solutions that are implemented to deliver some of the most amazing results achievable with Colorbond steel…Without our clients needing to engage an architect. On top of that, My love for design and bespoke creations means I will never sell you an idea or solution that I do not believe in.”