About Us

A Bit About Me

I love to work outside. I love to create beautiful things. And I love to do things properly.

I particularly love the look on a happy customer’s face when they see their design vision become a reality, or when we solve a problem that has been really bugging them.

And most of all I love working with a team where everyone feels the same way.

After experiencing what it was like as a roofing contractor working for others, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create the kind of business that I would really like to work for.

The kind of company that I would hire to work on my home.
One where the customer’s needs, the quality of work and the calibre of team are top priority.

Hence, MyCladders was born.

Kendrick Myers

Colorbond 50th Birthday event
MyCladders team

A Bit About Us

My Cladders specialises in covering beautiful homes in steel roofing and cladding.

In the past few years with the skyrocketing popularity of steel as a stunning wall cladding option, we have undertaken extensive training and collaboration with suppliers of COLORBOND® steel products to build our expertise and reputation as quality wall cladders.

Cladding walls requires a different set of skills, processes and teamwork to get it right. It takes exceptionally fussy craftsmen with the right “can do” attitude and dogged tenacity to produce an outstanding finish, every single time.

Our guys post photos of their work on our Facebook page every day because they are so proud of what they achieve.

This wonderful team are all valued employees of My Cladders. We don’t use sub-contractors, as we believe it is essential to have full control over quality of workmanship, and that is best achieved with a motivated and supportive team who love to see the smiles on our customers faces.

Our Team Motto

Our job is to work together as a skilled, motivated, efficient and happy team to deliver our clients’ design vision, on time, and to budget.

To achieve this relies on having the right mindset and attitude.

team motto

Our Guarantee

We offer every customer our 8-Step Guarantee

  1. To provide the best possible solution and not exceed your budget.
  2. To clearly define your requirements and our allowances in a specification-based proposal.
  3. To carry out your work using our team of well-trained, highly motivated employees, and we will not use sub-contractors.
  4. To adhere by all safety regulations.
  5. To exceed relevant Australian Standards . . . every time.
  6. To keep the site tidy and remove all rubbish before we finish up.
  7. To keep you in the loop regarding progress, and any issues, throughout the job.
  8. To provide options and action the rectification work without hesitation, if there is something you are not happy with.