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A Protective Nod – Highvale House by Alexandra Buchanan Architecture

Lightly engaging with the undulating terrain below, Highvale House sits teetering and immersed within a removed and dense landscape setting. Alexandra Buchanan Architecture proposes an aptly fitting addition among the surrounding vernacular of singular buildings and dwellings, as a nod to the rural Australian shed.

Taking advantage of the opportune siting of the allotment, Highvale House is imagined as a home of elevated shelter, taking formal references from the existing context. As a respectful engagement with the surrounding landscape, the form is positioned as a singular level dwelling on a support structure that runs underneath, allowing for minimal interruption to the terrain. Located in its namesake, inland and to the north-west of Brisbane, generous openings allow for ideal views out towards the valley and hills in the distance. Wrapped in a protective sleeve of metal sheeting, the home is both sheltered and sheltering for its residents. Alexandra Buchanan Architecture draws from the history of the area to propose a fitting addition to the site, continuing a narrative of metal structures in rural contexts.