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4 Colorbond Cladding Options on a budget

Four Wall Cladding options using Colorbond without blowing your budget.

When building or renovating, the last things generally decided upon once the layout is confirmed is roofing and walling. You may have an idea of Brick, Cement, Timber, Colorbond and even Polycarbonate. If your reading this then you are probably a person that wants to know their options, wants to not settle for the status Quo and would love an outcome that is not to extreme but also different enough to be interesting.

So here we go, my favourite profiles to use as wall cladding whilst on a budget.

1. Corrugated Iron

This can be installed vertically, horizontally and even diagonally if that is what you are into. Comes in the full range of Colorbond Colours and is redly available from all roofing material suppliers. Corrugated Iron has been around for what seems forever on roofs and tin sheds, though if installed well it can still have a strong architectural aspect.

2. Trim Deck, Mono Clad, Super Deck

Same price as Corrugated iron, with the same installation capabilities. Comes in the full range of Colorbond Colours and is redly available from all roofing material suppliers. This profile on roofs is used when the roof angle is between 2-5* and has greater span capacity then corrugated iron. In the right colours and installed with minimal fixings this can look quite classy, especially if used as feature instead of the entire house.

3. Spandeck

Same Colours as both above, with same span abilities as Trim deck. This really is a square version of corrugated iron and can look fantastic. I have used this on my own house laid horizontal across the walls and Mitred the corners to fold around so not requiring flashings. Gives a totally different look and feel then any other product.

4. Klip Lock, Top Deck

Concealed fixed Cladding that give a very clean finish without the high expense of architectural panel profiles. The sheets connect to pre installed clips so screws are not used to install (one required per sheet at the bottom or top, yet we will hide them if we can). This sheeting installed will cost approximately 30% more then than Corrugated, Trimdeck and Spandeck, and again, if installed well can give a beautiful feel to come home to.

Yes above is only 4 different types of cladding profile and certainly it is a great starting point. This is not the be all to end all however. There are many different ways to detail them using Colorbond flashings that compliment and enhance the look you are going for. But that is a different blog post …see Colorbond flashing styles.

My Advice, go for a drive through areas with nice houses and look for ideas that you can use and implement into your own project. Once you have plans or you just have a wall…give us a call and we would be happy to help you with a price, please be aware that every project we do is custom and we do not work on a m2 price.

Remember, for all your Cladding requirements choose “MyCladders”

I’m Colorbond Kenny and you are going to be AWESOME.

About the author:

“Im Kendrick Myers, Director and License holder of MyCladders. I have passion to help people achieve the best results possible using Metal roofing and cladding. I do this with innovative ideas and solutions that are implemented to deliver some of the most amazing results achievable with Colorbond steel…Without our clients needing to engage an architect. On top of that, My love for design and bespoke creations means I will never sell you an idea or solution that I do not believe in.”