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3 ways to Use Colorbond® Roofing as Cladding

As an external building material, Colorbond® Steel is very high in quality, finish and versatility. Over the last 50 years we all have gotten use to using Colorbond on our roofs because it is cost effective, strong, long lasting and without missing that it looks amazing.

We have moved into the 2020’s and the variety of colours and profiles available give us the ability to design architectural buildings at all price points. A investment property in redbank through to a Multi million dollar build in Chandler, the base material is the same… Colorbond.

So how can you achieve a high end result without the Paddington price tags? I have 3 ways that will stretch your budget without breaking it.

1. Choose a standard type of roofing profile in a Matt or Metallic finish. (Trim Deck, Corrugated Iron, Spandeck, Klip-Lok)

House roofs are commodities, they are something that every roof in Australia needs. So if you choose a standard roofing profile instead of an architectural profile… you will pay the lowest rate per m2 (material will be around 1/4 the price of standing seam or interlock profiles). Then to make it pop, choose a Matt or a metallic finish to enhance the end result.

2. Minimise the M2 to feature walls only, making the Colorbond® the hero instead of the only.

There is nothing wrong with wrapping an entire house in your favourite Colorbond® cladding, however when you are working to a limited budget, you can make the most of it by spending time designing your facades / exterior walls and placing the Colorbond® on walls that will give you the most wow factor or should i say “Bang for your Buck”. Front entries, alfresco dining, courtyards, Garage door walls and walls that the approach from the street stand out. Where you will blow your money is when cladding walls in areas of the house that have very little effect to the street appeal and dont get much time spend around them.

3. Use flashings that are used on the more upmarket cladding profiles to enhance the overall feel – “Concealed Fixings”

Having an understanding of how you want the cladding to look and being able to communicate that to your installers is very important. YOU dont want your house to look like a tin shed.. NO! YOU DO NOT! even if you want it to look like a shed. DON’T DO IT. There are many standard ways to complete the trims on metal cladded walls, however only experts understand the difference between standard and Architectural. The difference may not be a large cost, however the end result is major. A wall is not a roof and it certainly should not be treated like one. Speak to an installer that knows the difference, and you will reap the benefits on your dream home.

As a passionate advocate for beautifully designed buildings with high quality tradesmanship, I highly recommend that, If you dream of a house with Colorbond® cladding on the walls, when you engage your builder…Ask them how experienced they are with using architectural cladding profiles as wall cladding. Ask the big question “What style of flashings do you use Concealed Fixing Methods”? Regardless of there answer…MyCladders are experts at making the cheapest material look amazing on any project. Give your builder our number 07 31773366 and as of 2021 we will be expanding our service from QLD into NSW, VIC and SA.

Take a look at some of the MyCladders projects to get inspiration for yours

And that is how just 3 ways to Use Colorbond® Roofing as Cladding will change the outcome on your next project.

About the author:

“Im Kendrick Myers, Director and License holder of MyCladders. I have passion to help people achieve the best results possible using Metal roofing and cladding. I do this with innovative ideas and solutions that are implemented to deliver some of the most amazing results achievable with Colorbond steel…Without our clients needing to engage an architect. On top of that, My love for design and bespoke creations means I will never sell you an idea or solution that I do not believe in.”