The Easy way to “Architect the heck” out of your project home!

Building your new home? Looking through display home after dsiplay home? Trying to put together all of your ideas into one design without turning it into that house you always say “HOW THE HELL DID ANYONE THINK THAT LOOKS GOOD”.

The Construction of a home is meant to be easy yet it never is. If you have a budget that allows you to pay an architect, ensuring that your new place of residence will stand out from the rest. If you dont have the budget, building design and decorating is not your forte, you will have to go with what feels right…the washed down version of the display home you wish you could have.

There is an easy way of making your new home stand out when surrounded by houses that all look the same, A material that will give your property that “Architectural designed look”. Overt 50 years ago it was released to market for the first time and now after all the development and research, you can now use Colorbond steel in its many forms and colours to enhance your home…but not just on your roof…On your walls….Think front facade.

Colorbond Monument as a colour has spoofed up houses throughout Australia with its modern and sleek shadow creating appearance. But wait there is more, introducing Monument Matt…. This is a colour that when in shade it takes the appearance of a chalk board, though in full sun, the texture of the softest velvet. This is also the case for the other Matt Colours in the range.

Lysaght has released a range of profiles (shaped steal) to greatly enhance the texture and feel of your build all by itself.  Where in the past, bricks and weather boards would give the tactile feeling to the home, Australia must now welcome the new Zenith range and what it can do. To put it simply, when you buy the base Audi, it is very nice, though the upgrades would make the experience so much better.  Everytime you walk up to your new A4 you wish you had the cash at the time to get the S4. With the Zenith range, the bang for your buck is so good that not using it will only make you kick yourself and talk about how soon you can start renovating …..your…new…home…?

Putting it bluntly. MyCladders are your premium choice when installing any of the Colorbond profiles available to market onto the walls of your new build home or commercial property. With backing and preferred installer status from Colorbond, Lysaght, Stratco, Eziform, you wont need to stress about how it will get done…Just that it will, and it will be better then you think.

Speak to your builder now to see how we can help them achieve your dream Colorbond cladded home.